Sunday, May 28

Wike: This Crushed Phoenix Will Rise Again

By Olabode Opeseitan

Nyesom Wike, you are a warrior, a
Dogged fighter, a winner.
You might have lost the #PDP
Presidential and Vice Presidential tickets,
You have shown the world you are a lion
Who can never be intimidated.
Most of the people you supported
And expected to reciprocate your
Kind gestures,
Turned their backs on you.
You may carry the wound
For the rest of your life,
Don’t be dismayed.
It’s part of the passage of life.
Rather than wallowing in disillusionment,
Take all the lessons you have learnt
From the experience
And use it to maximum advantage.
If GOD, in His mercy,
Gives you the grace,
You may have the best laugh.
Sometimes, laughing last can be
Sweeter than laughing first.
This is your wilderness
For refinement.
You are the hero that kept PDP formidable
In its moments of turmoil.
If PDP does not find you worthy to elect
As its #Presidential flag bearer
Or compensate adequately,
It means the party is undeserving of you.
They said you talked too much,
You were too combative,
You were too aggressive.
You were power drunk.
Some asked where did you even get
All the funds you invested in your
Campaign and the party.
Fair questions which you probably have Answers to.
Yet, today, they are the ones
Reaping the fruits of your tenacity
Which kept the party strong.
They have left you all alone,
To lick your wounds.
Hear it all ye people of #Nigeria,

Wike may be crushed,

But he is not out.
He is a Phoenix.
Wike will rise again.

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