Sunday, March 26


By Mazi Ejimofor

Relative deprivation is a concept in Sociology used to describe the factors that determine the degree of deprivation one feels per time. The joy of getting is in getting more. So, it is not unusual to read various analysis from our Facebook structural Engineers.

Those who have wasted long productive hours on this road, ndị Amansea (in Anambra State), and ndị Ugwuoba (in Enugu State) who had their livelihood totally cut-off, and Transporters who spent more on maintenance than they made on profit would certainly appreciate the respite this road rehabilitation has brought them.

It is easy to sit behind one’s android phones to decide standards, afterall the Social media is a place where we all are professionals at knowing that which is not done.

On quality, in spite of lean resources, the road rehabilitation under review had some structural challenges that were corrected to forestall recurrence. For instance, the introduction of the stone base before asphalting, and the de-silting of the sewage, the first since its initial construction, were all done in a bid to improve quality and guarantee durability.

The government has also made available a Tanker’s/Trailers’ Park to address the indiscriminate parking of Tankers and Trailers along the shoulders of the road.

In 22days, and from monies gotten from cutting down cost of managing government office spaces, Governor Soludo abated what was becoming an embarrassing menace to a gateway town like Amansea. This does not call for commendation, it is simply a demonstration of leadership that we must cite to budding leaders on how to solve a problem without waiting for the Federal government whose responsibility it is to build and maintain such road infrastructure.

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