Friday, March 24

We Apologise For The Pains And Tears Of Lagosians Over Damages Caused By Flooding

By Joe Igbokwe

We acknowledge the damage done by flood in Lagos yesterday (Saturday, 9th July, 2022), and the losses. We apologize most sincerely for the pains and tears. We share the pains with those affected. Lagos is a coastal city that is prone to flooding. Everybody knows this. Lagos has the smallest land mass in Nigeria with 23 million Nigerians. It is the economic hub of Nigeria. Lagos generates more than 15000 metric tons of refuse everyday.

We have low Line areas where people are not supposed to build houses but LAGOSIANS go there to build houses. We have wetlands which serves as reservoirs to retain exceed floods but LAGOSIANS will defy the law and go there to build houses. To make matters worse some LAGOSIANS dump refuse inside our drains or canals. Some build houses on our canal setbacks making it difficult if not impossible for us to clear the drains. We need to change our habits to help us have flood free Lagos. Lagos spends huge amount of money every year
cleaning canals and aligning many of them with concretes. We will reduce flooding issues if we behave ourselves.

Flooding is a global thing due to Climate Change. The other day I witnessed massive fooding in Sidney Australia. You need to see the casualties. We will continue to do our best in matters of flood management in Lagos. We appealing to LAGOSIANS to help us.

Engr. Joe Igbokwe

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