Friday, March 24


He was a Northerner crossing the road with his wares

in the rain at Oshodi, Lagos.

He slipped, fell and his wheelbarrow overturned

emptying the apples.

They rolled hither, thither and everywhere –

North, South, East and West

Immediately, a crowd of Nigerians formed

And everyone started picking apples

Vehicles stopped and the usual Lagos frenzy

Focused at that one point in time

On helping a fellow Nigerian get back on his feet

Christian, Muslim, Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, all of us

No one asked his religion or tribe

Without BATting an eyelid,
we Atikulated our humanity
and Obidiently displayed our better selves

We were all concerned and we all helped

Deep inside, we are instinctively united in this Nigeria

It’s only when we stop to think or they say so

That tribe, religion and politics arise to trouble us.

If Adam was allergic to apples in that first garden
human history would be radically different.

We need more apple moments.


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