Tuesday, March 28

Master Uwakmfon Unwana JacobThe Wonder Kid

You might be wondering the numerous Medals just on one neck.

Master Uwakmfon Unwana Jacob
has proven himself within the space of 2 ┬Żyrs (JSS2-SSS1) to be an Intercontinental Mathematics Champion as he is:
-Champion in America Maths Competition
-Champion in South African Maths Competition
-Champion in Canadian Maths Competition
-Champion in Pan African Maths Competition
-Champion in Ghana Maths Competition,MIT
-Champion in Indonesia Maths Competition
-Champion in Stanford Maths Competition
-Champion in istem Maths, Germany
-Champion in IYMC, Intercontinental
and many more that cannot be mentioned here as he had clinched 2O medals in various Maths Competition globally.

Currently, he is on his way to Ghana for a research program and has been admitted into the World Science Scholars by Prof Brainne Greene, a renowed Theoretical Physicists in Super String Theory.

Congratulations @gracelandportharcourt

Source: Port Harcourt Schools on Facebook Page.

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