Sunday, May 28

All About Me

By Ada Enugwu-Agidi

Saw this on Gail ‘s wall, liked it and decided to play too.

▪️First job – Confidential Secretary.

▪️Current job – Digitalmarketer, Content Writer, project manager.

▪️Dream Job – Governor.

▪Astrological sign – Libra.

▪️Favourite food – Abacha (Akpu ngu).

▪️Favourite footwear – sneakers

▪️Favourite Ice Cream – Chocolate.

▪️Favourite Holiday- Christmas.

▪️Night owl or early bird – Night owl.

▪️Favourite day of the week – Monday.

▪️Tattoos – one .

▪️Like to cook – Nope.

▪️Can you drive a stick shift – Nope.

▪️Favourite colour – Blue

▪️Do you like vegetables – it depends on my mood.

▪️ Do you wear glasses- Yes.

▪️ Favourite season – Dry

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