Thursday, March 23

Man Offers Free Petrol To Anambra-Based Lecturers To Ease ASUU Strike Hardship

A Nigerian man living in America, Nnamdi Agama Lizar Nwasinoke, is offering lecturers living in Anambra state free petrol to help ease the hardship occasioned by ASUU strike.

In a Facebook post shared on Tuesday, 2nd August, 2022, he wrote:

“Good morning friends all over the world. The time now is 4.12 am Washington DC time, and also outreach time. Due to the current strike situation in Nigeria, I am reaching out to University lecturers to see what I can do to support them. I am respectful of them and there is nothing i can give them they don’t have so I am just providing a little support to them to ease the great work they are doing. Here are the Option; I am in agreement with most gas station owners in Nigeria so you pull up and they will pump fuel into your car for a given amount or you can send your details to Christiana Chigozie Udemezue so she can monitize it. Again this is strictly for lecturers and Ph.D holders. You must be a Ph.D Holder or a Lecturer to qualify for this. Thanks again. Send your details directly to Chigozie Christiana Udemezue.

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