Sunday, May 28

Statement on Trending Videos Involving Ex – Governor Willie Obiano And His Family

  1. There are two videos involving former Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State and his family outside Nigeria which have been trending in the last few days, attracting various comments. The first shows the Obiano family on holidays in an unnamed country, the second shows the family in Houston, Texas.
  2. Chief Obiano, his wife and son did travel to abroad after he received seven weeks of intensive medical treatment in the United States. The trip was paid for by his daughter, a medical consultant in the United States, who was overjoyed that her 67- year old father could undertake such a heavy and exerting treatment without serious complications. Chief Obiano had a longstanding appointment with his doctors to undergo a critical procedure last March, and consequently travelled for eight weeks.
  3. The second video was recorded on July 4, 2022, America’s Independence Anniversary. Americans usually celebrate their Independence Day with rice and chicken, and Chief Obiano’s young son is seen in the video eating rice and chicken on a plastic plate.
  4. This video was, indeed, recorded in their home in Houston, Texas. The Obianos acquired this property years before he joined partisan politics and won the governorship race of Anambra State in 2013. After serving for 12 years as the Executive Director of one of Nigeria’s top five banks, Chief Obiano relocated to the United States to engage in private business, including property development. All his assets in Nigeria and abroad were stated in his Assets Declaration Form provided by the ICPC no sooner than his assumption of office. The declaration is a public document, and any person who wishes can verify from the Public Conduct Bureau.
  5. The two videos involving Chief Obiano and his family were originally sent to a few relations, associates and friends for their private consumption, but they innocently released them to the public in a bid to douse the tension arising from the false rumours that he had been incapacitated by the medical treatment and had even passed on.
  6. Chief Obiano has since returned to Nigeria. He is currently outside Anambra State to enable him to convalesce well. He understandably restricts visitors to his place. He does need as much rest as possible after eight weeks of intensive treatment.
  7. He thanks all Nigerians, especially the people of Anambra State, who have always stood by him and did not for once relent in their prayers for him when he was undergoing the procedure. Chief Obiano feels honoured that the wonderful Anambra people entrusted their destiny to him for almost a decade and he served them with all his might and heart. He will ever remain indebted to him.

God bless Anambra State.

God bless Nigeria.


Obiora Nezianya

For: Chief Willie M. Obiano, FCA

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