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Celebrating Willie Obiano @ 67 With 67 Outstanding Achievements As Governor Of Anambra State

By Ifeanyi Aniagoh

As we celebrate the Akpokuedike today and many years to come, May we never forget that Governor Obiano achieved the following while in office:

  1. Tarred over 100 kilomètres of road in the State… The highest ever;
  2. First in integrating Social Media & eGovernance and was the most tolerable of all rants, attacks and insult that come with it;
  3. Built the highest number of bridges in the State including the longest bridge in South East Nigeria;
  4. Built the first (3 at a go) flyover in the State Capital;
  5. Introduced the Anambra Brand with new Anthem, Logo, Core Values and Colours;
  6. Set up the first Golden Tulip brand in the State after completing the Agulu Lake Hotel stimulating for the first Golf Course in Anambra;
  7. Started and Completed the first Airport in Anambra with the 2nd longest runway in Nigeria;
  8. Completed the first Mega Mall in the State (Shoprite Onitsha) which has stimulated the opening of many other big malls across the State;
  9. Built the first Digital Databank for Anambra Farmers and active Situation Room for progress monitoring and evaluation;
  10. Introduced the Anambra Rice brands which became the Best Rice Brand in Africa as adjudged in Produce Exhibition in Lagos;
  11. Instituted the Agricultural Export Programme with a desk to develop agro allied export market potentials of the State and effected the first official export of Anambra Vegetables;
  12. Approved the renaming of Anambra State University in honour of Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu;
  13. Upgraded the State University Teaching Hospital, completed the construction of many Faculties and Administrative Buildings in University, and got Accreditation for the Medical School;
  14. Effected the graduation of the first set of Medical Doctors from the State University, gave them prizes and automatic employment;
  15. Built the first Oxygen Plant in Anambra and biggest in South East;
  16. Started the Light Up Anambra Project and lit up over 2000 kilomètres of road;
  17. Recreated the State Sports Development Commission, introducing a new sporting spirit and reintroduced different Competitions and Challenge Cups with Team Anambra winning Medals and trophies nationwide and beyond;
  18. Opened up youth participation in politics and became the first in Africa to achieve 85% youth involvement in Democratic process & decision making;
  19. Hosted first ever South East and Delta States Security Summit to share notes and secure the whole region, and Made Anambra the Safest State in Nigeria thereby reducing crime across South Nigeria and beyond;
  20. Engineered Nightlife in the State thereby creating a 24 hours economy;
  21. Introduced the Community Choose Your Project initiative and became the first Governor to have a Legacy project in all the 179 communities in the State;
  22. Built the Awka Township State currently hosting National and International matches, playing host to Enugu Rangers and yielding revenue;
  23. Built the first ever International Convention Centre in the State;
  24. Created the Anambra Small Business Agency for development of micro investments and access to single digit loans and grants;
  25. Created the Anambra State Investment Promotion and Protection Agency as one stop shop for investors which attracted lots of investments to the State;
  26. Created the Digital Entrepreneurship Office for the nurture and expansion of TechNovation and Digital Entrepreneurship;
  27. Restored the Dignity of our traditional institution by putting a stop to the idea of inviting & arresting Traditional Rulers by the Nigerian Police and shared brand new Innoson Vehicles to them;
  28. Launched Operation Kpochapu involving all the Security Agencies, Operation Sheba for tighter security during festivals and yuletide seasons, and Operation Udo Amaka to sustain the security being enjoyed in the State;
  29. Donated hundreds of Patrol Trucks & Security Vehicles with Command and Control Centres to the Police, Army, Navy, Vigilantes, etc;
  30. Enforced without prejudice the law against kidnapping, thus kidnappers’ dens were totally destroyed;
  31. Launched Special Police Units for the Shopping Malls, Students Areas and Night Life Zones;
  32. Set up and empowered a Peace Committee to handle cases herdsmen attack and avoid any related crisis;
  33. Ensured seamless payment of due and appropriate allowances to the security agencies and Fought crime through job creation from New Investments, Agriculture, Loans and other policies and programmes;
  34. Distributed over N1.5b support fund to Small and Medium Scale Enterprises with special focus on farmers especially women and young persons;
  35. Established the Anambra State Healthcare Insurance Agency (ASHIA) which has made quality healthcare easy and affordable to the greater number of our people;
  36. Inaugurated the Youth Empowerment and the Creative Economy Council with a view to unlocking the creative potential of the Anambra youth in a manner that will address unemployment more decisively;
  37. Launched the Akulue Uno Campaign leading to new investments like Coscharis Farms, Anaku, Joseph Agro, Lynden farms and Delfarm/Songhai, and Stine Farms as well as the Stanel World… Even SABMiller Breweries completed the 2nd phase of its expansion under his administration;
  38. Introduced the Anambra Daily Road Maintenance Programme which employed, trained and equipped youths to maintain the roads built by his predecessors;
  39. Upgraded the Anambra State College of Agriculture in Mgbakwu to State Polytechnic;
  40. Lead Anambra to become the 4th largest economy in Nigeria;
  41. Lead Anambra to become the State with the least Unemployment Rate in Nigeria;
  42. Lead Anambra to become the State with the most efficient healthcare system in Nigeria;
  43. Lead Anambra to become the 1st in South East and 2nd to Rivers in Nigeria in Fiscal Sustainability Index beating Lagos, Kano and 32 other States;
  44. Offset N1.8b pension arrears and maintained regular monthly payment in line with his promise to deliver on physical and human infrastructure till about 2 years to his departure;
  45. Maintained a steady Christmas bonuses and largesse for workers and pensioners as well as increased salary and recognised outstanding civil servants, on the regular;
  46. Through an annual “Grant in Aid to Mission Hospitals”, handed over funds to Mission Hospitals in Anambra to upgrade and maintain their health delivery services;
  47. Integrated the Igala-Speaking communities into Governance via senior appointments and delivered major infrastructure like water ambulance with nurses attached plus other amenities;
  48. Awarded scholarships to over 200 students;
  49. On a regular, disbursed billions of naira million to Mission Schools for renovation, retooling, and re-equipping works;
  50. Recruited contract teachers for the 11 Technical Colleges to boost staff strength and got 13 Trade subjects accredited in 4 Technical Colleges in the State;
  51. Retooled Science Laboratories in Secondary schools in 3 Senatorial Zones, Installed 30KVA Generator sets and provided Transformers in some schools;
  52. Improved Power Supply at the College of Education, Nsugbe and advanced the process of upgrading it to an University of Education;
  53. Completed the construction of the 2nd Phase of the 1,500 classroom blocks for Primary Schools Projects;
  54. Renovated over 1000 units of 10-classroom blocks in Primary and Junior Secondary schools and Constructed 6 room-classroom block in numerous Primary schools;
  55. Increased over 5000 Teachers Salaries being tutors of core subjects and Hard-to-Reach Areas to motivate them and offer more access for Quality Education to our Children in Riverine and Agrarian communities;
  56. Lead Anambra through 2 economic recessions & Covid-19 Crisis, and refused taking the Federal Governments bailout funds, yet introduced stimulus packages that mande ndị Anambra not to feel the full weight of the recession;
  57. Facilitated Anambra Students and Teachers to come tops in National and Global Competitions in Debates, STEMS Subjects and TechNovation;
  58. Created a special home for the mentally challenged, cleared the state of mad people and rehabilitated many of them to reunite with their families;
  59. Through the Cafe Initiative of his Wife, Osodi Eme, touched the lives of indigent persons training thousands in different skills and crafts and empowering them to become self reliant and employers of labour;
  60. Left more legacy projects in the State than any other former leader, be it a governor or military administrator;
  61. Left more cash and more revenue yielding investments than he inherited;
  62. Left lesser liabilities than he inherited;
  63. Left no rift with his predecessor and does not heat up the State trying to be a Godfather to his successor or sponsoring attacks & blackmail against him;
  64. Was harrassed by the EFCC after he handed over and headed for an emergency medical examination abroad, and till today, he has not been found wanting;
  65. Received more honours and recognitions than any former leader of Anambra State;
  66. Built a lot of people, giving many the platforms to excel and recommended hundreds for greater responsibilities within and outside Nigeria;
  67. He stood his grounds, against all odds, to make sure he delivers Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo as his successor, giving ndị Anambra the first Professor Governor, Mr Solution

All these and much more form the #ObianoInUs which we shall never forget!

Happy Birthday to You Dear Boss… Congratulations Now and Always!!!

Much love from the Family of Engr and Mrs Ifeanyi ANIAGOH

NB: Chief Willie Obiano achieved much more than these with multiplying #ObianoEffect… This list is just for the purpose of celebrating him @ 67!

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