Thursday, March 23

Innoson Vehicles Will Continue To Wax Stronger

By Cornel Osigwe

Last week Thursday, Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom, unveiled the state’s security outfit known as Community Volunteer Guards.

Among the security apparatus that followed the unveiling is the display of newly acquired Innoson Vehicles, specifically the Innoson MSII.

Innoson Vehicles appreciates the constant patronage of His Excellency Samuel Ortom who under his administration has purchased over 600 varieties of Innoson Vehicles.

Innoson Vehicles will continue to give support services to various car servicing centers that Partner with it to service the brand of the Innoson vehicle.

No matter the challenges, Innoson Vehicles will continue to wax stronger till it becomes one of the leading vehicle manufacturing brands in the world automobile market.

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