Thursday, March 23

Troubled Dr Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah, President Of Chinmark Group Clarifies On Liabilities Owed Investors

In the light of recent events over the past months ,it is important for me to make clear certain facts about the total amount of funds owed partners and investors of finAfrica .

Total Partners of FinAfrica 4466
Total amount owed currently: 10.6 Billion Naira (fully documented)

Over the years we have faithfully Discharged our obligation towards our Dear partners without any delays until December 21st 2021 when the Securities and Exchange commission frozed all our operational accounts without any notice or invitation.

We challenged that decision in the Area court where they got thier order and the decision was reversed but the banks and SEC refused obeying court orders , By January 2022 we proceeded to the federal high court to get relief .
The federal high court ordered SEC to unfreeze our accounts and to provide evidence as to their claims that we are illegal operators of the capital market which they failed to provide.
The federal high court issued warnings repeatedly to SEC to comply with court orders which they refused and ran to the Appeal court to challenge the orders of the federal high court.(documents will be attached below)
We have therefore started taking measures to offset the company’s liabilities while we wait for the decision of the Appeal Court.

If businesses must thrive in Nigeria and the economy revamped,regulatory bodies must be checked and controlled .

Going forward we will be placing Assets on sale publicly to offset these liabilities.

Thank you
Dr Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah
President Chinmark Group.

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