Friday, March 24

Facebook User Calls On Anambra State Government To Investigate The Circumstances Surrounding The Death Of The Wife Of Nnewi North LGA

Facebook user Iyke Orji wrote…

“How some people became terrible hypocrites baffles me.

During the death of our renowned gospel singer Osinachi, people called on the government to arrest the husband for domestic abuse.

People volunteered to take up the case and make sure justice is served.

Recently, the wife of a newly sworn-in Transition Committee (Tac) Chairman died and today, pictures of her corpse surfaced.

It was revealed and “alleged” that she suffered domestic violence and was beaten to death.

Concerned citizens began calling on the government to intervene so that justice will be done.

Hypocrites in Anambra state said people should remove their mouth from the family and mind their business.

They said it’s politically motivated and people should not interfere and they shouldn’t call on the government

How have we become heartless because of politics?

Charles Chukwuma Soludo , please look into this and relieve the young man if he’s innocent and also prosecute him if he’s guilty.

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