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True Story About The Man Allegedly Killed By His Wife’s Lesbian Partner At Onitsha

By Ozii Baba Anieto

On the 9th of August 2022, a young man in his 30s died after a fight with a lady in Onitsha – a city in Anambra State, Nigeria.

Ikechukwu Onuma, popularly known as Ayaya, was a young man in his 30s. He married Nkem in 2019, and both lived in Ogboli Road by Ibekwe Street in Onitsha.

Not too far from their house lived one Ebele Onochie – a tomboy. Ebele is a close friend of Nkem, and people accused her of lesbianism. The neighborhood also believed that Nkem, Ayaya’s wife, is one of her bedmates. This street-talk created bad blood between Ayaya and Ebele.
On the 9th of August, Ayaya was at a birthday party. His friend little boy was the celebrant. He was drinking with friends when his wife, Nkem, called him. She reported an issue concerning Ebele. Believing he has seen a reason to teach Ebele a lesson, Ayaya left his friends at the event and rushed back home.
There was no electricity in the street on that day. And the time was already after 8 pm. Nkem sent a boy to buy fuel for the generator. While on his way, Ebele confronted the boy.

Learning that Nkem sent him on the errand, she took the can, and the money for the fuel and instructed him to tell Nkem that she (Ebele) seized the items. And that was why Nkem called her husband.
Ayaya was a strong man. Ebele was not a match for him. He rushed to Ebele’s compound to teach her a lesson. Both of them created a scene. Ebele had a penknife with her. In the altercation’s course, she stabbed Ikechukwu.

It was late and dark. No one knew Ayaya was losing a lot of blood. And when they noticed he was bleeding, they didn’t know how serious it was. He (Ikechukwu) walked to a chemist’s shop and was told the injury was fatal. They were still arranging for a means of transportation when Ikechukwu slumped.

They rushed him to Hope Hospital in Modebe Avenue, Onitsha. Unfortunately, he was confirmed dead on arrival.

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