Thursday, March 23

Home Is Where Your Heart Truly Is

By Chike Ofili

Professor Olusegun O. Sogbesan, Director and Founder of Onitsha Business School arrived Agulu, in the then old Anambra state in 1985, from his native in Osun state and identified a gap with Traders in Onitsha Main Market re Entrepreneurial studies.

After his National Youth Service Year the following year in 1986, Segun stayed back in Anambra state. He saw a need to empower the traders with the right information based on the gaps he identified from his many interaction with them.

Segun believed that with the right exposure, information and training, these traders will live up to their highest potentials. He developed an academic program tailored towards business which provides a young Igbo apprentice that has completed Imu-Ahia training with choices, – the ability to go to his shop during weekdays, then attend an adult education school on weekends.

Thus, Onitsha Business School, the first business school in Anambra state was established by Segun. The idea is to empower traders with the right skills and tools for the 21st century.

Prof. Segun has spent majority of his adult life in the eastern part of Nigeria. He has lived in Onitsha for over 33 years. He is fluent in Igbo language, is married to an Igbo woman, and has delivered lectures in Igbo language.

Where is home? Home is where your heart truly is. Just like Prof. Segun Sogbesan’s heart is in Onitsha, Anambra state, it’s his home.

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