Monday, June 5

Ethiopian Airlines Pilots Overshoot Runway After Falling Asleep In-Flight

By Fred Chukwuelobe

Two pilots of Ethiopian Airlines fell asleep at 37,000ft above sea level and overshot the runway where they should have landed.

According to the BBC quoting an aviation publication, the control tower called them several times with no answer.

The plane was on auto pilot and didn’t descend when it ought to, thereby overshooting the runway.

The pilots eventually woke up and landed the plane safely on a second approach.

The flight, a Boeing 737 with 154 passengers was from Sudan to Addis Ababa.

The two sleeping pilots have been put on leave pending investigations.

Isn’t this scary? Imagine what would have happened if the plane continued flying and got into the path of another aircraft.

Scary, but thank God the control tower eventually sent an alarm to wake them up after several attempts to contact them and find out what was happened failed.

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