Thursday, March 23

Scare As Two Air France Pilots Exchange Blows Mid – Air

Few days after two Ethiopian Airlines pilots slept off at 37,000 feet, leaving the plane on auto pilot, two Airfrance pilots have reportedly fought and exchanged blows mid-air.

The fight started shortly after take- off. The two were separated and one remained in the cockpit throughout the flight.

According to Bloomberg, the two pilots were said to have gotten into an avoidable altercation while on the plane.

Management of Air France described their conduct as ”totally inappropriate mid-flight brawl”.

Cabin personnel were said to have overhead the two pilots in a conflict and had to separate them. They were also said to have exchanged blows before they were separated.

This must have been a scary experience for the passengers and calls into question the psychological state of airline pilots, who have in the past complained of long working hours and inadequate pay.

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