Thursday, March 23

Some Surprising Things About Abuja

By Nnamdi Juddy Atupulazi

(1) Abuja is dark at night. Many roads in the FCT do not have working streetlights. Common streetlights!!!

(2) Taxis carry four passengers at the back and two in front.
VIO will stop a private car and book the driver for a broken brake light, but taxi drivers are allowed to struggle with the bum bum of two passengers for control of the gear lever.

(3) Abuja is a few years away from experiencing Lagos kind of road traffic.
For a supposedly well-planned city, it’s surprising that nearly all government agencies and ministries are located in town. So traffic heads to one direction every morning and every evening. For those who live in a place like Kubwa, it’s usually pointless to expect to get home early after work.

(4) Names of roads have nothing to do with the locations they are named after, sometimes. Airport Junction is nowhere near the airport, for example. And if you miss a turn on the expressway, you can find yourself in Kaduna or Nasarawa 😭.

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