Tuesday, March 28

Annie Okonkwo: Peter Obi’s Presidential Ambition Is Prayer Answered

Senator Annie Clement Okonkwo yesterday said the presidential ambition of the candidate of the Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi is a prayer answered.

The Senator who disclosed this during a town hall meeting between Peter Obi and Nigerians in Diaspora which took place in Los Angeles, California, said Obi is the most fitting and qualified candidate among all the people contesting the presidential election.

According to Okonkwo, “What has kept Nigeria where it is today is corruption and we need a bold leader like peter Obi to rescue the country from the hands of people who doesn’t mean well for Nigeria.

“Obidient Movement has not been seen in Nigeria before now. Sometimes, I wish the campaign starts today so that I can see those people campaigning for those candidates, they will hide their faces in shame because it will be very glaring to them at the direction Nigeians are moving to because the people are tired of bad leadership.

In the Holy Bible, the Senator said: “Jesus said to them, take away the stone and He shouted with authority Lazarus, and he slowly hobbled out. So, what we need to do in Nigeria today is bigger than remove the stone. We are going to elect Peter Obi to remove the stone so that our children’s future will be bright. We can build a new Nigeria that we can all be proud of.
Speaking further, he said: “Peter Obi has done it before. He has done it in Anambra State, so it is not a rocket science. It is easier to rule Nigeria than to govern Anambra State. The most important thing is to have someone who will dedicate and commit himself to the job and I have no doubt that Nigerians have found that leader and that is Peter Obi.

“We do not need to be afraid, a lot of people will tell you that they are going to rig the election, no, they can’t rig the election. I have been in politics for over three decades, if you are not a popular candidate you cant rig election. We all have a big role to play to get things right.”

Source: Vanguard

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