Sunday, May 28

Hope Uzodinma And Igbo Presidency

By Sam Amadi

Hope Uzodinma’s statement on Igbo presidency is such a regrettable comment. An Igbo is on the presidential ticket. He either wins or loses. And you said it is not Igbo time. By the way, is there a ‘kairos’ moment for Igbo presidency? Is there a time marked for Igbo presidency? What time has Hope ordained? When he finishes the second term he is battling for, and is ready to be president?

The embattled governor could have boldly asked his supporters to support the candidate of his party. Nothing bad about that. But to presume to set a timetable for Igbo presidency is so frivolous and provoking.

Anyway, what was reportedly said about Ukpabi Asika can be said to Hope Uzodinma “Onye Ube ruru ya racha; ma na chetakwa Asika”. There are obviously some forces that push occupants of political offices to overate themselves and overstate their case. All the occupants may be.

NB: Asika was a great man. This is not about him. It was an urban legend in Igbo land then, and an appropriate riposte to Governor Hope Uzodinma for his ‘abuse’ of Igbo people.

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