Tuesday, March 28

Anambra Community Abolishes Sales, Use Of Hard Drug, Gives Dealers 2 Weeks To Relocate

By Joseph Albert (Umunna TV)

Following rise in the use of hard drugs by youths, members of Nteje community in Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State have abolished sale of hard drugs, saying it is the cause of crime in the community.

The community gave dealers of the drugs two weeks to leave the community.

President General of Nteje Development Union (NDU), Mr Chidiebele Obika, who spoke to newsmen after a meeting of members of the community, said there has been a rise in all manner crimes due to use of hard drugs.

He said on expiration of the 14 days grace, the community’s taskforce will comb villages in Nteje and fish out anyone involved in selling hard drugs for appropriate sanction.

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