Sunday, May 28

Abuja Bolt Drivers And Their Tricks

By Britney Chinwe Imoh

Bolt drivers these days don’t put AC for their customers again. Them say fuel too cost. Oh well, I might be the only person not buying that trick

Because no way I’ll pay you 1500/1800 for a trip that won’t cost me more than 700 if I do public taxi, and the least you would do for me to relax and enjoy my trip, you go tell me stories

Once I enter, I dey demand for AC immediately and if you begin to yarn okoto meow, I’ll quietly come down. For some that are polite enough to complain about the high cost of fuel, I’d still politely insist I want AC, and more of the times, they put it for me

So, this one I dey inside now, he said his AC just started blowing hot air, I no know why I didn’t believe him, howeveer, I told him to put it let’s see if it has stopped, and brethren! AC is chilling不不不不

Me and these people不不

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