Saturday, March 25

Are Saints And Prophets We Pray To Not Other People’s Ancestors? What Of Our Own Ancestors?

By Amanda Chisom

They have successfully convinced us that our Ancestors are bad, asking for their intercession is bad, praying to the gods of our fathers and Ahobunagu is bad.

But why are we going to worship the ancestors of the Jews and asking for intercession of other people’s ancestors . All these Saints and prophets no be other people ancestors??

Wetin concern me with Padre Pio, I should not ask my Great grand fathers, Obi Atupulazi and Ezekonwie to help me but I should ask Padre Pio , Elijah and Vincent de Paul for help. Do they know me, am I in their lineage, have they finished helping their own descendants. See eh. Find your root oh, harmonize all of them ka I Mara nke na worry gi.

Omo eh, That is how we will spend most of our adult life praying to Saint Theresa and Saint Agnes when your great grand mothers are in the best position to hustle my salvation.

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