Sunday, May 28

I am Happily Married to Two Men, We Share One Bed, Have 3 Children…Says Congolese Woman

A lady identified as Jasile from Congo has revealed that she has been married to two men and they live happily in one house and even go to an extent of sharing one bed. They have been blessed with 3 children together.

According to Jasile, She fell in love with her first husband and later moved in together as husband and wife. They were blessed with 2 children after 3 years of living together as husband and wife.

One day her husband left home and promised to return home after finding a job to change their way of living. The husband didn’t communicate with her and stayed for 3 and a half years without returning home.

She later fell in love with a man who was working in their area with a mining company. They dated and later he moved into her house and was blessed with 1 child. Her husband later returned home upon asking who the man was, he was told that it was her husband.

He was angry and wanted to fight him and kick him out but Jasile said she loved him and wouldn’t let him go. Her inlaws advised her first husband to cool down and listen to his wife since he left and didn’t keep in touch with his wife.

According to her, they live in one house and even sleep in one bed. whenever one wants to sleep with her one has to get out of bed to give them space. They decided that if anyone gets tired of living such kind of life, he is free to leave and start a new life.

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