Thursday, March 23

Anambra Central Requires A Courageous Senator To Stand With Ndigbo

By Bernard Izunna Obimma

I am sure by now, the people of Anambra Central can see clearly who has the courage to stand with Ndi-Igbo.

I have argued so many times, that Distinguished Senator Victor Umeh is the most colourful, most courageous and most brilliant Anambra state Senator since Oyi of Oyi. I place no value on the representative politics of sharing bags of rice and rapper in the communities – we have so many rich Philanthropists in Anambra state who can help with those.

What Anambra, and Ndi-Igbo need in the 10th Senate are courageous and brilliant men and women who can muster the required courage and boldness to stand with Ndi-Igbo in matters of national and regional important. I cannot remember the last time Ekwunife ever spoke in defence of Ndi-Igbo? No record of such, just sharing rappers and bags of rice.

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