Saturday, March 25

Ekwunife Shows Clearly Her Selfish Preference

By Tai Emeka Obasi

I have nothing against any Igbo person from anywhere that is not supporting HE Peter Obi for president. If Afenifere, Middle Belt Forum can endorse and campaign for him, why should I worry about Igbo people campaigning for other candidates? This election is not about tribe and religion. It’s all about competence.

But I have everything against anyone who tells lies against our Okwute and generally maligns him while supporting any candidate of his/her choice. Senator Uche Ekwunife just did. And in doing so, she selfishly expressed that she prefers a senatorial position for ndi Anambra Central to their own becoming the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Politicians are selfish all over the world but this is the apex of it.

HE Peter Gregory Obi and Senator Datti Baba-Ahmed have been accepted by majority of Nigerians all over the world as the best pair in this coming presidential election. Sen Ekwunife is free to accept HE Atiku Abubakar and HE Ifeanyi Okowa as the best but she should do so without talking down on the people’s choice. I didn’t intend to campaign against her but not if she continues in the manner she did in Uyo.

Obasi writes for PO Express Media, POEM

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