Monday, June 5

Taking Igbo Ọja Global

By Gerald Eze

5th of October was World Teachers Day and on that day, I was in the classroom at the department of Linguistics, Dartmouth College, teaching Oja. I feel happy to have taught and performed the #Oja across Nigeria & now in an Ivy League college in the US. Igbo is beautiful and there is no limits…

After the class some students followed me and asked questions. The interactions lasted for almost 45mins. When I told professor MacPherson @lemling25 about this, she pointed out that that was a sign of a successful class. I smiled.

They discussed the oja with me, after the class, as if they were born in the culture. I was happy with myself afterwards.

Dartmouth was a great experience. Prof. MacPherson was a great host too. I won’t stop taking my oja from the village square to everywhere

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