Friday, January 27

Meet Kosisochukwu, Young Female Cow Dealer Spotted In Nnewi

Kosisochukwu Nwakonuche is a 24 Yrs old butcher and cattle ranch owner, she’s a successful cattle dealer who owns a ranch of cattle of various sizes. She also butchers beef at retail to locals.

Kosiso according to our source does her business at Orie agbor market in Nnewi Ichi, Nnewi where she’s been renowned for her cow business.

Most impressively, Ogbuefi Kosiso as she is popularly called also combines her cow business with studies as she is currently in her a final year at the Federal polytechnic, Oko in Anambra State. Apparently she has come a long way schooling and making money alongside and very successful at both, talk about the Nnewi business blood in her veins.

Ogbuefi Kosisochukwu should serve as an inspiration to every young person out there, males and females alike. She has also proven there are no barriers in the ways of an Igbo person going into rearing of cattles which has been perceived as reserved for people of certain ethnicities.

Once more Ogbuefi Kosiso is in Nnewi and you may do well to patronize her if you’re anywhere around the environ. Umunna TV will have a chat with Kosiso next week, follow us so you don’t miss it.

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