Sunday, June 11

Due To Heat Wave And High Temperatures, Snakes Especially Cobras Seek Refuge In Cooler Places Like Your Home

Safety Tips

  1. Avoid leaving windows open for too long, cobras and mambas can reach heights that are very high.
  2. Avoid leaving your front doors open for fresh air in the evening, these reptiles are absolute STEALTH (too quiet), you won’t hear or see it go inside your house.

3 Before sitting under the tree that has that cooling shade, check that there are no snakes.

  1. Check your bed and surrounding before you go to bed, cobras are notorious for hiding under the sheets.
  2. Avoid the age old trend of liking to chill outside of the house with mattresses and wrappers in the evening, most reptiles are nocturnal (hunt at night and more effective).
  3. Not only snakes might bite you, but the age old human enemy; the centipede (Mosithaphala) which is fast and very venomous.
  4. Clear bushes round your houses. They attract rats and mice which are the most dangerous snakes favorite meal including centipedes too.
  5. Buy snake repellent powder and pour it round your yard, you will definitely decrease the chances of a snake ever visiting your home by 90%.

Beware of confronting these snakes that get into your homes, some snakes can be killed easily, others like the black mamba are very cocky, if threatened they will chase you at alarming speeds and give multiple bites while still on the chase, and you won’t live to see the next fourty minutes, so just be very careful when trying to kill a snake.

Stay well and be safe, it’s snake season, it’s very hot and they are highly active and get agitated (angry ) very fast.

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