Monday, June 5

Have Some Dignity Please

By Britney Chinwe Imoh

So, this might be me overdoing it but I get so uncomfortable when people around me always complain of being broke or not having money to solve a problem, whereas they are not actually that broke like they make it seem

Like, constantly and constantly complaining. Or always trying to project that you are poor, making basic things seem like it’s too much or it’s such a big deal.

Honestly, that kind of energy puts me off so much, it is worse when it’s a guy, and when I know you can afford these things comfortably, but you keep ranting and ranting like you are so poor, maybe in the guise to avoid “billing” or to borrow the money from me. I’ll just avoid you at that moment

If you need a loan from me, all the you need do is put a call across to me or write me a message, if I have the money I will give you, if I don’t, I can ask around my circle and get it for you if I feel you are worth the stress or I simply tell you I don’t have.

That’s what I do too, I will just put a call and ask for the loan, if you have to give me, I will go and sort myself out, maybe much much later sef we can now start talking about why I needed the loan, and we will actually be gisting about it or having a proper conversation as friends.

And if I want to rant about something, I know where to do that too, I know the kind of people I can be that vulnerable to and they will know I am just letting it all out to get some closure and just unburden. If I need to cry, I will cry on their shoulders and afterwards pick myself up and we move! You will never find me drolling over that issue like there’s no life ahead of me. No!

The first tiime I went bowling, someone asked me about the game and I told him, even told him it was my first time and that I’d love to go again anytime soon.

He asked about the cost and I told him and this guy started screaming that that’s a lot of money o, and I was trying to understand him honestly, because bowling is 3500, then if I add my tfare plus a glass of drink and anything I ate that day, 10k will cut it and I could have change so what’s the fuss?

This guy lives in his OWN house and drives a luxury car in this Abuja, so why do you think 10k is way too much for you to spend in one sitting on something that makes you happy? I remember one time his Samsung screen broke and he was to spend around 190k to fix it, Chineke Nna 😂😂, the only thing he didn’t do while telling me about it is cry

And I asked him, if you could afford almost half a million to buy this phone, why can’t you quietly go and fix the screen without all this drama? He said “nne you won’t understand, I don’t have money now”. I said okay, so relax naw, when you have money you fix it, e begin complain again

You know this mindset that big money has to go for really big big stuffs, like houses, lands, cars. But if you mention booking a spa treatment or maybe a massage session for say 30k, ekete ekwupu ike. He will ask you to come and give him the money let him massage you, on a serious note o, as if he’s a masseur

Fgs, there were times I could never think of using a whole 5k to bundle data on my phone, it seemed like so much big money but with time, as I grow and my finances grow, I’ve seen that it’s cheaper and more valuable to even buy that 5k data bundle than the 1500 weekly. But if you dare mention it to someone like this my Oga, na problem

I understand we can have issues one time or the other, I mean we are all feeling the heat in this country so if someone I know that’s worth over 100 million naira tells me he’s broke, I will not doubt you because you may have invested all your money somewhere and expecting returns, or for some reasons, you do not have cash to spend, I can believe you

But same person outrightly telling me he doesn’t have 10k and cannot even think of where to get it at the moment, and talking like he’s so hopeless and his whole world is crashing down when that’s not the real issue, Omo be calming down abeg! It’s just a phase and it will pass, don’t over flog the matter and make it look like someone is about to die

PS: Me like this, I don’t have shishi o, but it is until I tell you that you will know.

Have some dignity!

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