Friday, March 24

In Kind Remembrance Of My Dad

By Uche Ezeh

My dad started to show me a lot more reverence as I turned 15. He gave me enough benefit of the doubt and no longer screamed at me whenever I touched his car keys, although I never did more than crank up and rev the car engine whilst cleaning it. He even started sharing his beer with me, which I thought was weird at first. Not once did he stop to ask me how or where I developed a taste for beer at that age. He needn’t ask. Word had already leaked out to parents that boys in my boarding school were secretly experimenting with some silly stuff, including binging on alcohol and trying local weed. And although I was never among the boys who were repeatedly caught and punished in school for drinking or smoking, dad never fully trusted my ‘good boy’ attitude and always insisted on knowing who my friends were.
I also noticed that December 31st was the only day in the entire year that my dad paused and enjoyed a full day of rest. He would stay indoors throughout and either slept or tried to reflect on things while drinking a few beers. If I was in the house on that day, I’d naturally be the one to fetch the beers from the nearby fridge. And while standing around and doing my usual ‘eye-service’, he’d ask me to fetch my own glass cup and join him. Usually, I never got more than one glass. It was a lesson in moderation and I made sure to learn it well.
I’d give anything for another glass of beer with my daddy this December 31st. He has been gone now for 4 Christmases.😭 Dad was such a man’s man and I miss him terribly. I’d also give anything for another glass with 2 friends and one uncle that I lost this year. Although your glasses are all empty now, the love still flows richly. I’m drinking a glass for you today daddy in continuing appreciation of the fantastic father you were to me and my siblings. And I’m drinking another for all those we lost in the course of the year. Thank you all and continue to rest eternal.

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