Thursday, March 23

Five Reasons Why You Should Relocate To Nnewi, Anambra State

By Arinze Clems

Few days ago I made a post on Facebook and advised people to relocate to Nnewi city. If you have not yet made up your mind to Japa due to personal reasons, then here are 5 major reasons why you need to move to Nnewi today.

(1) Economic Opportunities

Nnewi is known as commercial and industrial hub of Southeast Nigeria, there are huge investment opportunities in Nnewi, if you are looking for a place to invest your money, Nnewi is a sure place to invest, for job seekers this city gives you higher chances of getting a job.

(2) Cost of Living

Nnewi city gives you an opportunity to save money, the cost of living is generally moderate considering other cities in Nigeria.

(3) Social Networth

There is a high possibility that the person sitting next to you is a Millionaire,this increases your chances of making friends who are economically advantaged.

(4) Emerging City

As an emerging urban city, there are limitless opportunities for startups and Digital Enterprises to thrive well, though Nnewi is a commercial hub, yet it can be classified as a virgin city, there are services and business solution tailored ideas that will most definitely gain market penetration here.

(5) Discipline and Modesty

No doubt that this is the best place to raise your kids, and if you are looking for a city that will help discipline your lifestyle, Nnewi is the right destination for you.

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