Friday, March 31

Skitmaker Odogwu Bubu And Wife Aisha’s Public Spat

By Uche Nworah

After watching the spat between skitmaker Odogwu Bubu and wife Aisha in a viral video, my conclusion was that art was conflicting with reality.

Just in case you have not seen the video, Odogwu Bubu procured a tricycle (Keke) for the wife, Aisha, as ‘push gift’. This was to appreciate her for giving birth to their son. In his thinking, she would earn from the proceeds if the tricycle is enrolled into the transport business.

Odogwu Bubu brought friends along to the presentation. Unfortunately, the wife did not find the ‘expensive joke’ funny and threw a tantrum. Words were exchanged, really bad ones too.

Next, Odogwu Bubu’s friend, comedian Legendary Bamiyi drove in a Toyota Camry all wrapped in ribbon. This was actually meant to be the original ‘push gift’, but by then tempers had flared up. Odogwu Bubu feeling disappointed by Aisha’s reaction directed that the car be taken back, as he felt insulted by the wife’s reaction over the tricycle gift.

I believe that the funny couple will eventually sort out the issue so that they will continue to make their fans happy with their skits. I tried to call Odogwu Bubu who is my friend to counsel him to ‘Butuo’, but have not been able to reach him.

The lesson here is that too much of social media is not good. Some matters, especially personal family matters should not come on social media. Couples in show business should find a way to separate their art from their family lives.

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