Friday, March 24

ABSU Lecturer Discovers That Student Was His Nursery School Teacher

By Aniemeka Chiamaka Rejoice (Umunna TV)

A lecturer at the Faculty of Education, Abia State University Uturu, Anucha Wisdom, has on the 4th of February 2023, recounted how he reunited with his nursery school teacher, who he calls Aunty Ijeoma.

He wrote, “Early this week, I reconnected with Aunty Ijeoma, who was my Nursery 3 teacher at St. Joseph’s Development Nursery/Primary School Umuchichi Aba. Fortunately, she has been a student in my department and I knew not, not until they came to take my course. ‘Wisdom! Is that you?’, She shouted at me.

“‘Aunty I.J, it’s your boy,’ I responded, as we threw ourselves on each other. The entire class almost went agog. Aunty IJ has really added more flesh. She was single then when she taught us.

“Quickly, I peeped into her bag to check if I could still see that her cane she’d always use to ‘design’ our back. Unfortunately, it wasn’t there again.

“‘While you spoke, I still heard that your little noisy voice in class those days in school. Wizzy Boy! I am extremely proud of you!’ She concluded.”

📸 Anucha Wisdom

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