Tuesday, March 28

Labour Party Senatorial Candidate For Enugu East K!lled

By Aniemeka Chiamaka Rejoice (Umunna)

Barrister Oyibo Chukwu, the Enugu east senatorial candidate of the Labour Party has been reportedly assassinated with some of his supporters while returning from a campaign trip in Agbani area yesterday.

According to reports, They were murder3d and burnt alive in their vehicle.

Allegedly, a media practitioner from Enugu state who spoke anonymously said that Chukwu’s assassination may have to do with the age-old controversy and cultural discrimination by Nkanu people, between freeborn indigenes and Osu people (outcasts). The Osus according to their belief should not be in positions of authority. This he said, is the reason why a former minister and former gubernatorial aspirant did not receive the home support when he aspired to govern the state.

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