Tuesday, March 28

The Next Governor Of Lagos State Should Do More To Promote Race Relations

By Uche Nworah, Ph.D

This is not an endorsement but my honest view of what I have observed as a Lagosian. I think Babajide Sanwolu has done well in Lagos, at least in the area of infrastructural development, although he can always do better. Should Lagosians vote him in again, he should do more in the area of promoting inter-race relations. He should run an inclusive government and invite people from other races/tribes into the government.

President-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu did this when he was Governor. Ben Akabueze, an Igbo man, was in his cabinet and he has kept faith with him ever since. The narrative against Igbos and other tribes has been toxic lately and this should not continue.

The governor’s actions and body language normally helps to calm tensions among the tribes. Rather than see Igbos and other itinerant tribes living in Lagos as threats, the next government in Lagos should rather harness their energy, drive, enterprise, hardwork, ambition and resources towards the development of Lagos. This is why America is one of the best countries in the world. it is a land of opportunities. It welcomes everyone and those immigrants in turn contribute their talents and skills towards making America greater. They call America God’s own country. Lagos should become our God’s own state. People come to Lagos from all over Nigeria, and find their way in life. They get jobs, set up businesses, start families etc.

Other areas Governor Sanwolu should look into if elected is the area of quick processing of certificates of occupancy (C of O). At the moment, this is a difficult, cumbersome and expensive process. There is a sense that Igbos are not favoured even if after buying lands with their hard -earned money. This will help property owners unlock hidden wealth in their landed assets. With the C of Os, they can access loans and other facilities for their businesses.

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