Sunday, May 28

Keep Your Plans Private

By Kenneth Okonkwo

Keep your plans private. Keep your financial status private. Date in private. Marry in private. Quarel in private. Raise children in private. Flourish in private. Disagree in private. Break-up in private. Don’t be excited by social media attention. If the relationship fails, keep it private too. Keep your life as private as possible. It will cost you nothing.

Keep your plans to yourself and avoid sharing them with others. Your goals are precious, so keep them safe from the influence of others.

Keep family issues confidential and avoid discussing them with others, especially strangers. Family is a sacred bond, so protect it by keeping it within the family.

Don’t disclose your financial status to everyone you meet. Money is a sensitive subject, so keep your financial information private to avoid unwanted attention.

Don’t reveal personal information, such as your address, to strangers. Your safety comes first, so protect yourself by keeping personal information confidential.

Avoid discussing the private aspects of your life, such as your daily routines or personal habits. Your privacy matters, so keep your lifestyle details exclusive to you.

Actions speak louder than words, so let your achievements do the talking. Humility is a virtue, so let your actions and knowledge speak for themselves. Refrain from broadcasting your life to strangers.

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